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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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beach. so far, two states have gone for cruz. he's waiting for the two more republican states to weigh in. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. we're inside the ritzy golf club where donald trump will be out here. within the hour, we believe, to get his reaction to super saturday. it has not been a super saturday for donald trump. he is going to, at best, go two for four tonight. i talked to a top trump campaign official who said this is a good night for ted cruz. focusing heavily on caucus states, that's paying off and paying dividends for ted cruz. you can pardon some of the people moving around in this room, wolf. that's because this is not only a press conference, this is also a watch party. there are seven rows of trump supporters standing in front of the press area here. >> there's an announcement about to be made on the democratic caucuses in nebraska. vince powers, state democratic chairman speaking.
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>> state director for the sanders campaign. these two gentlemen, along with their team, were true professionals and handled any issues that came up with grace and i think that they made us all proud to be nebraska democrats. the -- i also would like to thank hadley rictors for doing a fabulous job. we were not expecting such a large absentee ballot request. we had 8,756 ballots that were sent out and of those, 6,241 were returned and will be included in the count that i'm about to give you. today's caucuses could not have been possible without over 200 to 300 volunteers across the state who worked very hard.
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it's not easy. we're not a taxpayer-funded election. we did this with volunteers and self-funded through the county chairs, county parties and state party. i'm going to give you the first round, approximately 75% of the vote is in. and with this and with today's enthusiasm, we're well on our way to making certain brad is returned to congress and we begin winning statewide elections beginning with the governor's race in two years. most importantly, we're focused on using this energy, the voter registrations that came out for our candidates in the primary and then in november. thus far, we've received results from 116 locations representing 21,368 participants. it appears we're going to have a
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strong turnout. and while you're here, the results that we have received so far, hillary clinton has 9,665 votes, or 45.23%. bernie sanders has 11,703 votes, or 54.77%. we have about 25% remaining and however i want to be clear when i say 25%, that's not a raw number. that's a number of polling places out. for example, this does not include sarby county and lancaster county which is just finishing up. stay posted to our website, for more results as they continue to be updated. we continue to take results in but it's just been wonderful. nebraska democrats have been inspired by our two outstanding candidates who conducted a very positive campaign and we're very
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proud of the fact that nebraska democrats have come out across the state with great enthusiasm. if anyone has any questions, i'd be happy to answer them. or not. >> do you have an idea of the turnout overall? >> i do not. >> there you have it. 75% of the votes in nebraska among the democrats has been counted. bernie sanders is the leader right now but it's not a done deal. no winner yet, dana. this is an important race. bernie sanders is ahead. not by a whole lot but he is ahead in nebraska. >> he is. luckily we have somebody who knows this state very well who grew up there, jeff zeleny. you heard the party chair say, part of the reason why he can't call it for bernie sanders is because huge population centers are still not counted. >> that's right. at least two counties that we know of. the city of lincoln and right
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around omaha, two of the most population centers, their caucuses were at different times today. this shows that we vote differently. caucuses are just finishing in lincoln. anecdotally, it looks like bernie sanders had a much bigger turnout. the most liberal of all 93 nebraska counties. i would expect bernie sanders to continue his trend here. the clinton campaign did not throw away nebraska as they did eight years ago so they will still split the delegates here. bernie sanders has a big lead right now. >> what do you make of it, david? >> 54.8 to 45.2 is pretty significant, especially if the remaining 25% of the vote is going to be even more pro sanders, perhaps. i take your point that they will win some delegates here and it won't be a -- i think bernie sanders is clearly having a
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really strong night and, again, this is about the ability to continue to make arguments to donors, supporters, to the media for your continuation in the race. ted cruz is getting in a big argument to keep the fight going against the front-runner and bernie sanders gets a big fight. >> and hillary clinton chose not to -- bill clinton was there, the former president. this is a big win for bernie sanders, no question about it. so if my math is right, at the end of nebraska, if this holds and we project it for bernie sanders, i believe he'll have eight states now overall here. but let's watch to see lancaster county and sarpy county, nebraska. it's like a governor's race. >> wolf? >> based on the information just provided by the democratic chairman in nebraska, watch this.
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and cnn is projecting right now that bernie sanders will win the state of nebraska, the presidential democratic caucuses in nebraska. this is his second win of the night. earlier we projected that he was the winner in kansas. bernie sanders picks up win number two tonight. according to the official numbers released by the democratic party, you can see bernie sanders with 54.8% and hillary clinton with 45.2%. chris? >> wolf, thank you very much. i think this bears repeating, if you were watching what we just picked up, the party official from nebraska said that this isn't state-funded, it's not taxpayer-funded, we did it with volunteers and he said it as a point of pride. they got it done as a party.
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they won't pay for the election process that decides for who your nominee is going to be as the president of the united states. nia-malika henderson, we've been talking about this but it's one of the things that helped my career a lot with bush and gore and i had to hang out and see what was going on. but the idea of this process ends up undermining your confidence, everyone is speculative whether the results should be believed. a lot of it doesn't make sense. >> in those long lines of people in 2012, we saw that. the idea of voting rights has been a big topic of conversation, particularly on the democratic side. but god bless those people who are doing this process and counting the ballots, making -- >> who know what is we would do if we didn't have them. you'd have to go house to house. wolf has new information from louisiana. >> key race alert coming in. the poll just closed in louisiana.
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here are the first numbers coming in on the republican side. remember, these are primaries in louisiana. not caucuses. donald trump is ahead with 4% of the vote and he's got 46.4%. ted cruz is in second place with 24%. marco rubio in third place with 20%. john kasich in fourth place, only 3.4%. very early. only 4% of the vote in. on the democratic side, 5% of the vote is in. hillary clinton has got a significant lead. 72.4%. bernie sanders, 20.9%. only 5% of the vote is in. but so far, early counting, donald trump ahead on the republican side and hillary clinton ahead on the democratic side. this is in louisiana. chris? >> wolf, thank you. louisiana is a different state. there are lots of big swings of change within it. so you'll have to watch the numbers and percentages as they come out. now, let's look at a constructive argument that works on the gop, maybe also on the democratic side, which is your party has changed.
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your party is dissatisfied. you've been saying the same thing for a long time and you haven't been getting it done. we hear that all the time on the gop side. on the left, they have been starved, all about it, my ears were ringing with it growing up. now we're hearing it from bernie sanders. how real of a threat is that to hillary clinton? >> it's like a tennis match. you change the momentum if you break serve. bernie sanders held serve. he won two states that are 90% white, nebraska and kansas. tad devine predicted that they would do well there because what is left of the democratic party, as they become more republican, are more liberal. he needs to show that he can expand beyond that. ted cruz did a little bit of that. he showed that he is going beyond where he had been. but if louisiana and kentucky --
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>> but ted cruz is running against somebody that nobody in the establishment of that party wants. the opposite is true for what bernie sanders is facing and yet michael smerconish shows time and time again, no matter how many people want to keep him down, he still makes his own games. >> he's quirky. i don't know what to make of it. but we're now saying that nebraska is bernie sanders. kansas, bernie sanders won. ted cruz on the republican side, the exact same three states. there's this geographical correlation. >> the people versus the power structure continues to play out. now we have something to take you to right now. live from michigan, here's hillary clinton. >> brenda lawrence, the mayor of flint who has been so courageous, warren evans and all of you. you know, it's exciting to be
6:12 pm
here and i want to thank you for supporting and building the democratic party right here in michigan. we need to elect democrats up and down the ticket in november. i want you to know, if i'm fortunate enough to be our party's nominee and be elected president, i'm going to work hard every day to bring back the michigan democratic party and parties across our country. now, i believe we can't rise together unless we have inclusive economics in an inclusive society and inclusive politics where all voices are heard. and that starts with supporting president obama in nominating a new supreme court justice! and we've got to continue to put pressure on the republicans in the senate to do their
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constitutional duty but here's what i want you to know. even if the president -- >> i'm going to interrupt hillary clinton. she'll be happy with this interruption. listen to this. cnn projects that hillary clinton will win the louisiana democratic presidential primary. polls just closed there. but based on all of the information that we're getting, cnn projects hillary clinton as the winner. she wins in louisiana in the democratic primary. bernie sanders has won in kansas. he's won in nebraska. two to one so far. hillary clinton with 71.1%. bernie sanders with 21.4%. hillary clinton is the winner. in the only primary of the night, louisiana, she's the winner cnn projects. dana? >> pretty divisive. the most delegate rich, louisiana. we were talking about the most typical of hillary clinton's states where she really does
6:14 pm
well. she has been racking up the votes across the board in those communities. >> and margins matter. >> exactly. >> this is what we were talking about here. so where they have the largest delegate prize today, as you were saying, 51 delegates at stake, that's a 50-point race. only 8% of the race is in but if she holds the margin, we shins the lion's share. bernie sanders has two states to add to his category, to his win list tonight in kansas and nebraska. but if it was closer margins and not as delegate rich, at the end of the night, hillary clinton makes more progress. >> and you have to wonder why bernie sanders didn't campaign more there because so many delegates were at stake. he didn't go there at all. >> wolf, back to you. so far, hillary clinton has won one state. louisiana primary. bernie sanders has won kansas and nebraska. we'll take a quick break and be
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where things stand on this super saturday. the results we've just projected. hi hillary clinton is the winner in the democratic primary in louisiana. bernie sanders won kansas as well. that's on the democratic side. ted cruz is the winner in kansas
6:18 pm
and maine. two republican contests outstanding. the kentucky caucuses as well as the louisiana primary. we'll see if we can make some projections soon. let's get a key race alert. in the meantime, in louisiana, 7% of the vote is in. donald trump has a lead, 47.8% over ted cruz with 23.3%. rubio is in third place, 19.3%. kasich a distant fourth place, only 3%. in kentucky, 32%. almost a third of the vote is in. trump is ahead there as well. 40.6%. cruz at 31.1%. rubio is in third place but it's a very close contest in kentucky. rubio and kasich, very, very close right there. i want to go back to listen to hillary clinton. she's in detroit speaking. >> america prospers when we all prosper. america is strong when we are all strong. and you know, we've got work to do. but not to make america great again. america never stopped being
6:19 pm
great. [ applause ] we've got to make america whole. diversity is a strength. not a weakness. if we see each other's humanity, if we lift each other up when we stumble, we can keep moving toward that more perfect union. instead of trying to divide america between us and them, let's try to find a little more love and kindness in our hearts, to respect one another, to support one another. we should work together for both inclusive prosperity and an inclusive society. i believe, with all my heart, we can bring down barriers for hardworking families. all across america, in old industrial cities and small appalachian towns and farm country and indian country, in
6:20 pm
every community that's been hallowed out by lost jobs and lost hope. it starts with making very clear -- and i've put this at the center of my economic policy -- working families need a raise and more good jobs, jobs that pay well and provide dignity, pride and a sense of purpose. and don't let anyone tell you we can't make things in america anymore. because as you're proving every day here in michigan, we can, we are and we will. but it's not -- it's not going to come from refighting battles from 20 years ago. we need a real strategy to invest in manufacturing, small business and clean energy. enough clean energy to power every home in america. so when you vote in the primary on tuesday, remember, there's only one candidate in this race
6:21 pm
who actually has a plan to do that. and we're going to stand up to all those who put special interests ahead of america's interests. you know, the other day, i was in boston at the site of the original tea party and i had to wonder, what would those early american patriots make of corporations that seemed to have absolutely no loyalty to the country that has given them so much. look at nabisco, laying off 600 workers in chicago, moving a production line out of the country. even though nabisco has long received tax breaks from the state of illinois. they have no problem taking taxpayer dollars with one hand and giving out pink slips with the other. look at the growing number of corporations moving their headquarters overseas just so
6:22 pm
they can avoid paying their fair share of taxes here at home, like johnson controls, which makes car parts in wisconsin. it actually lobbied for and benefited from the auto rescue in 2008 and 9. taxpayers helped save the country. now its turning its back on our country. look, i'm not interested in condemning whole categories of businesses for the entire prospect but i want to send a clear message. if you cheat your employees, exploit your customers, pollute our environment or rip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. >> hillary clinton speaking in detroit. this coming on the heels of her win in the primary in louisiana. she wins louisiana. bernie sanders wins in nebraska and kansas. we've got to take another quick break. much more of our special coverage coming up right after this.
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exciting night here on super saturday. let's update you on the winner so far. hillary clinton has won the louisiana democratic primary. you see it there. bernie sanders has won the two other democratic contests today. democratic caucuses in nebraska, democratic caucuses in kansas. two wins for bernie sanders, one for hillary clinton. so far, on the republican side, two wins for ted cruz. he wins the republican caucuses
6:27 pm
in kansas. he also wins the republican caucuses in maine. two other states republican contests still outstanding right now. we have a key race alert for you. here are the results for you as of right now in louisiana. the republican primary. 8% of the vote is in. donald trump has a significant lead. 47.7% over ted cruz. 23.4%. marco rubio in third place, 19.5%. john kasich in fourth place. distant fourth, only 3.1% in louisiana. in kentucky right now, more than a third of the vote is in. 34% of the vote is in. trump maintains his lead with 40.4%. ted cruz in second place, 31.1%. marco rubio and john kasich, they are fighting for third place but they are a distant third. 13.5% for rubio. 13.1% for john kasich. i want to go over to john king to take a closer look at kentucky. we're having trouble with kentucky. more than a third of the vote is
6:28 pm
in and trump leads but still outstanding counties to see who wins the state. >> it's been a steady trump lead. but we like to be cautious about these things. if you look at it so far, donald trump is clearly winning more counties. we have absolutely nothing from the largest county in the state, jefferson county. we like to get at least a flavor of that to see if the statewide trend is continuing. fayette county, shy of 7%, the state's population, absolutely nothing in. again, a key area in a contested republican race in the state. you want to at least get a flavor of those votes to see if they track what you are seeing statewide. so far, impressive. cruz holding his own in some places. donald trump doing his own. if you pull it out again, across the south so far, across the south so far, you see from south carolina, trump running it up in virginia, obviously a closer race and doing it tonight in louisiana as well. if you move down here, we're
6:29 pm
only at 8% but pretty impressive early numbers. this looks very much like it will be a trump win in louisiana as well. we're still waiting for orleans parish. major population center here, nearly 8% of the state's vote. we're waiting to get this in but the picture tells the story of the entire state. if you saw a fight, if you saw other candidates winning some counties, you'd think this might shift. it could as you count more votes but this is a pretty compelling early map for donald trump who is the 48% here. 37% there. running up the numbers pretty good. when you pull it out to the big picture, ted cruz can claim win %-p. as far west as you can get and won in maine as far east as you can get and doing well in the middle. donald trump still has the most wins and i would say it looks right now that marco rubio is going to end the night 1-18.
6:30 pm
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beach, florida. in the meantime, as we await for trump, let's get you a key race alert. in louisiana right now, 8% of the vote is in. trump has an impressive lead over ted cruz. rubio is in third place right now with 19%. john kasich a distant fourth with only 3.1%. in kentucky, much more of the vote is in. more than a third. 36% of the vote has been counted. donald trump maintains his lead. 40% for donald trump in kentucky. ted cruz, 31.3%. rubio and kasich fighting for third. close battle between the two of them but that's a distant third for rubio and kasich. let's go to dana and david right now. all of the races have been called so far except for kentucky and louisiana on the republican side. >> that's right. and those are two states where donald trump seems to be leading. now, we should say that usually on these days and nights we have exit polls or, in the case of
6:35 pm
caucuses, entrance polls to give us a sense as to why voters are going a certain way or toward a certain candidate. we don't have them today for lots of reasons but we do know, based on history, why donald trump seems to be doing well in these kinds of states. >> right. we can look at the demographic makeup and compare them to the states where he has done really well and they look very similar to those states. we should note that in louisiana right now, the bulk of that vote that's in right now is absentee vote. donald trump has tended to do better with absentee voters. and so i think what our decision desk is waiting to see is some more election day vote to join that absentee vote before we're able to make any kind of projection there. but clearly, these are both pretty significant leads for donald trump and this has been a good night for ted cruz. he's able to score a couple victories, really important to get on the scoreboard for him. but donald trump has the
6:36 pm
dominant force in this race and ted cruz is going to have to be the one that emerges making an argument for halting the donald trump motion to the nomination. these two states will be part of that propulsion. >> okay. thanks, david. back to you. >> guys, don't go too far away. we're standing by to hear from donald trump. you are looking at live pictures. he's going to go to that lectern and speak momentarily. the democratic races have all been called. much more right after this. let's celebrate these moments... this woman... this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested advanced genomic testing.
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. we're standing by to hear from donald trump. he's getting ready to address supports at the gulf club in west palm beach, florida. we're still waiting for louisiana and kentucky to come in. trump is ahead in both of those republican contests. i want to walk over to john king over at the magic wall. kentucky and louisiana remain outstanding. >> let's look at the results. louisiana right now is almost at 40% of the vote. >> kentucky? >> i'm sorry. kentucky. eight-point lead for donald trump. we're going to wait and count votes there in kentucky. let's go down to louisiana. we'll see what happens here. we've got only 9% of the votes so far. as we explained a few moments
6:41 pm
ago, these are be a sabsentee b that were already on hand. trump is leading 47.4% and cruz at nearly 25% and rubio at 18% and john kasich at 3%. a lot of counting still to do. this is a very impressive map as it fills in early for donald trump. no votes up here in that parish. here in louisiana, i know they are parishes. the nights get long sometimes. largest chunk of the state, nearly 8% of the state's population, we're waiting to count some votes here. if you look at the big map, baton rouge, 0% of the vote in. just a smattering of a precinct. trump leading there. if you go through the small parishes and larger ones that have come in, let's check in on
6:42 pm
lake charles, 4% of the population there. trump leading. everything that you see shows that trump is leading. we want to get more votes in to make sure and make sure they track the percentages that we have in the absentee ballots. very important to team trump here, wolf, because of the earlier cruz wins, they want to very much get kentucky and louisiana so they can end the night saying we got a lot of delegates, we're still in the lead. >> john, thanks very much. we're now ready to make that projection. cnn projects donald trump wins the louisiana republican primary. that's his first win of the night. ted cruz has won in kansas, he's won in maine. we now project donald trump is the winner in louisiana. this is an important win. the only primary contest of the night. all the other contests were caucuses. donald trump, the winner in louisiana. we're getting ready to hear from donald trump momentarily. he's over in west palm beach. we'll have live coverage of that. but this is what donald trump
6:43 pm
wanted. we're still waiting for kentucky but a big win for donald trump in louisiana. >> that's right. and as we had the earlier projections of the night from kansas and the caucuses where ted cruz has been doing well, this is a primary and this is a delegate-rich state. he's not going to get all of them because it's proportional but it keeps him in the game and keeps the narrative from continuing to be, ted cruz is doing well and there's a pause for donald trump. >> right. there's no doubt. although i do think ted cruz's victories tonight are going to foster that conversation about whether we are in a moment of the republican electorate reassessing donald trump. you're right. this is the biggest delegate prize of the night. a 20-point win, if it holds at that margin, is a pretty significant victory for donald trump. it's proportion sal. he's going to add to his delegate total. ted cruz was saying he might be within 100 delegates. i don't know. donald trump may have more than a 100-delegate lead here. that may sound small but it's a significant lead.
6:44 pm
it's very hard to dig into that before we get to these win or take all states. >> absolutely. wolf, we're still waiting for kentucky to see if he ends up officially taking that. >> those are both bigger states than kansas and nebraska as far as delegates are concerned but we're still waiting for kentucky. that's the only outstanding state that we're waiting for. once again, we're also waiting for donald trump. you're looking at live pictures coming in from west palm beach, florida. that's his country club there. live coverage once he goes to the mike. ♪ to thrive under pressure. ♪ to reject the status quo. and they have no problem passing the competition. the aggressive new 2016 lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. once driven, there's no going back.
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cnn has projected donald trump the winner in louisiana. the only republican primary of the night. donald trump wins louisiana. we're standing by to hear from donald trump. you're looking at live pictures coming in from west palm beach, florida. once he gets to the microphone, we'll have live coverage of that. in louisiana, by the way, 11% of the vote is in. he's way ahead. 46.3% to ted cruz 27.2%. rubio, 17.2%. kasich, only 3.7%. we've got a key race alert on the only outstanding contest remaining tonight. we're talking about kentucky. almost half of the vote is now in. 43%. trump maintains the lead.
6:49 pm
38.1%. ted cruz, 32%. rubio, a distant third with 14.2%. john kasich, 13.9%. that's in kentucky. trump is ahead, once again, 38 to 32% over ted cruz but we're not yet ready to make a projection in kentucky. that's the only state that has not been called yet. chris, back to you. >> all right, wolf. we see back behind you there on screen the image of the man himself, d.j.t, donald j. trump. he's getting ready to speak. so, smerconish, it looks like trump may go for 2-4. in baseball, that would make him a giant. however, tonight he looks like a split. did he win the states he needed to? >> yes. if he wins louisiana, then he
6:50 pm
has. greg lepage was for donald trump. ted cruz won. further deterioration of the power. nikki haley. >> senator palin. >> yes. all ofso, all of these governor selections went down the tubes. >> you could have told me that. i know that, you never want a governor your side. [ laughter ] >> here's the important thing about louisiana for trump -- very big win, because it's a closed primary. >> yeah. >> so, we've been talking about -- >> what's more important, then, closed or caucus? >> caucus seems to be more important -- >> for cruz. >> well, for cruz. >> but for trump, we say can he win, he can only win with crossover voters, he wants to bring in the democrats. well, louisiana shows that in a closed republican primary, donald trump wins. >> and these are republican voters. >> all right, so, one and done? you see louisiana, we've been waiting for it all night. does it have magnified importance because this is super saturday?
6:51 pm
yes, this is the one contest we can examine this way, but do you see it as metaphorical as well? >> i want to know if the trump super tuesday surge is taking a nap tonight or if there's something kind of going on. and you know, this is kind of a bump in the momentum. we all talk about the momentum. i don't know if trump leaves super saturday with the most momentum or cruz does. these are two good wins for ted cruz. >> but kentucky, which state do you think matters more? obviously, louisiana is the only open one to consider, but then after that, could you make the case that kentucky is the next most important state? >> yes. >> brownstein's saying yes. what do you say? don't let him put words in your mouth. >> because of who runs kentucky. >> mitch mcconnell's state. >> mitch mcconnell's state, rand paul's state. so, yes, this is an important win for him. >> not only that, again, these are two of the last states where evangelicals are about half of the vote or more. and if ted cruz does not win either of them, the places where he should be strongest are
6:52 pm
coming off the board. yes, maine shows some ability to expand beyond that, but donald trump, if he, in fact -- he did win louisiana -- he has won most republican voters in every state that he has won, according to the exit polls. and in fact, we have seen the republican share of the vote drop by three points or more in only three states. so, the idea that he's fundamentally changing the composition of the electorate at least so far is not borne out of the data. he is running republican voters in the places where he's winning. he is still in the 30s, but it's another simply an importation of new voters. >> some of these people are people who voted for mitt romney, rick santorum in 2012. he got 49% of the vote in louisiana. so i think in some ways, it's the establishment fantasy that these are somehow new voters and that he is not doing well with republicans. >> all right, so, we have the returns, we are talking about what they mean, but it doesn't matter until you hear from the man himself. here's the question for you at home -- who is donald trump going to attack the most when he comes out to speak tonight?
6:53 pm
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let's get a key race alert right now. the only outstanding contest of the night, we're talking about kentucky. right now the republican caucuses with 44% of the vote is in. donald trump still maintains his lead, 38.2%.
6:57 pm
ted cruz in second place with 31.9%. trump is ahead by 5,437 votes in -- yyt right now. that's the only outstanding contest. donald trump will speak in west palm beach, florida, at the donald trump international country club over there after -- maybe he's waiting, john king, to get the results in kentucky. as we know, he's won in louisiana, and ted cruz has won in nebraska and kansas. >> and certainly, donald trump wants the results, because he's hoping for a win here so he can say, good for you, ted, you won two, but i won the two biggest prizes tonight. that's what he wants to say. why haven't we called this race at 44% and 38% to 32%? that's closed a little bit from the last time we looked. cruz has gotten a little closer. if you look at what's out, the largest county in the state, jefferson county, 17%. we don't have a vote, so the decision desk wants to see -- >> 17% of the state population. >> 17% of the state population. also somewhere you would not expect. you have a city and then a
6:58 pm
close-in suburbs. that's normally not where ted cruz does well. if you look at all the voting in the states, that's more like marco rubio or donald trump country, based on past states, but we still want to see how it plays in this one. same thing in the lexington area, fayette county, you have a small city and then the suburbs around it. it's a healthy republican vote area. in the rural areas, you see cruz further out. he tends to do well the further out from the suburbs. so, we want to see how this plays out, but the two big vote centers, you see up here, in the cincinnati suburbs up here, cruz is winning. so, what i just said about lexington and louisville, if you look at this up here, those aren't areas where cruz should be doing well, but he's doing better than we expected in the cincinnati suburbs. it's close, but cruz winning with 100% of the vote. you land in covington, kentucky and go up to cincinnati, this is an important part of the state. so, we'll continue to count the votes. it's a trump lead. he certainly wants that, wolf, so he can keep the map like this, but let's count them, be safe. >> that's the best way to do it.
6:59 pm
thanks, john. let's take another break now as we await donald trump. he's going to be speaking in west palm beach. fact. there's an advil specially made for fast relief that goes to work in minutes. the only advil with a rapid release formula for rapid relief of tough pain. look for advil film-coated in the white box! relief doesn't get any faster than this. advil.
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